APP - Back Happy Yoga

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Do you live with back-aches and pains?

Have you tried yoga and walked away after one class because the moves were unrealistic?

Back Happy Yoga was created for this very purpose. 

I am a teacher who understands back pain from a personal experience. I've lived it, moved through it and now teach this particular way, as its the only way my body can move.

I can't touch my toes, and I'm just fine with that, I would rather know what to do on a daily basis, rather than guess what will help. 

In my eight years of teaching yoga, I have been wheelchair-bound at times, confined to a bed at other times, and also had to re-learn a lot about my life.  So I am determined to help as many people as I can.

If you have aches and pain, yoga can definitely help, and these classes are 'back to basics' delivered in four different ways:

  • Floor
  • Seated on floor
  • Seated on a chair
  • Standing
  • Assisted chair

Get step-by-step instructions on how to improve your life, through all of these options, that have been very thought out and are from personal experience with back aches and pains, as well as being a qualified level 2 yoga teacher. 

In this APP you will find:

  • 10-20 minute classes
  • Quick 5 minute additional classes
  • Verbal and written Instruction for poses
  • Meditations

You choose what you want every day. If I can do yoga, then you can do yoga.


About Trudy and Back Happy Yoga

When Trudy experienced a significant back injury and required spinal fusion, she wanted to continue practicing yoga. She went on a quest to find someone to support her so she could do so safely. The problem was, there was nothing suitable to be found. 

What Trudy found, was online yoga teachers who claimed to cater for back injuries but had NO IDEA how to do this safely. In fact, the so-called "adjustments” for back injuries would have caused more damage. 

This realisation inspired Trudy to create "Back Happy Yoga”. 

By combining her:

  • Knowledge from 8 years of teaching yoga
  • Listening to her body
  • Deep connection with herself
  • Kept her backaches and pains in mind as a guide 

Trudy was able to create an approach to yoga that genuinely catered for every "body", regardless of limitations. 

You will learn not only how to do the yoga poses, but to also listen to the wisdom of your body, so you will know EXACTLY how far to go to maximize the benefits of your yoga journey.


Class breakdowns

Floor classes

Floor yoga classes are sequences where you are laying on your back for the entire class, you will need a yoga strap, if you cannot locate one please let me know as I have some for purchase. 

There are many reasons for this class, perhaps you are not able to sit on the floor or a chair (I totally get it!) During my spine fusion recovery period, I was not able to do these and I still now can only sit for a small length of time. 

We use a strap to help lengthen our legs when stretching. Even if you are able to touch your toes with your hand, you will gain more stretch and benefit by using the strap. Some see using a yoga strap as a sign of weakness, or the perception that only old people use them - to be perfectly honest i used to think the same way. 

When we use a yoga strap we work smarter, not harder.


Seated yoga is ideally - sitting on the floor with legs crossed. 

Well, not everyone is able to do this so we navigate around everything to make your practice more enjoyable, sometimes we need to sit on a cushion, block or ever a bolster to assist with a straight spine and core awareness. 

A lot of people think that they must sit in a specific way when attending a yoga class, it is my goal to remove the stigma that is attached to yoga, the unrealistic poses, and bring in the reminder to everyone that you can do anything when you listen to your body. 

Seated poses are ideal for helping to improve flexibility by moving and stretching the legs, front, back and sides of the legs, the spine and also the pelvis and hip. Sititng on the floor provides a position of stability, which helps your core, and aids in opening the body, however it's not comfortable for everyone, which is why there are four other class types. 

If crossing your legs is unrealistic to your body please fell free to straighten them out in front, or wide legs, as long as your spine is not rounded, then all is well.


Chair yoga is amazing, you can literally do it from any location, with the most common sitting at your desk.  You can do anything whilst sitting on a chair, you just need to think outside of the box to get the full benefit of the stretches. Any yoga pose can be practiced from a seated position. 

When you practice yoga, the aim is comfort and ease, not what you think you 'should be doing' because we are all different and move in unique ways.

So why a chair? Well it's sturdy, available, will help with balance, and sometimes it just simply helps on 'those' days. You know the days that I'm talking about.........

The chair lets the nervous system and hormonal system work together so you can nourish each and every cell in your body. 

A chair works because you can stay for longer periods of time than you would without a chair. 

If you are new to yoga and/or have tight hips, sitting on a chair for a few classes can help to release through the hips. 

Chairs help because you have more gravity in your favour. 

Just because you are sitting on a chair doesn't mean it's easy peasy. The class is the same as any other.

Chair Assisted

Chair Assisted Yoga is absolutely perfect for everyone. We feel different on any given day, so having the alternatives like this can be the very thing that changes your day. 

So, for a moment let's forget about the chair, some people think that the chair is because of disability or injury. Now if your balance is good and you feel stable, then go and do a standing class :) 

If you feel like you might need to hold onto something for support, then stay here and choose a class, its all about checking in with yourself and doing what feels best. No point going to a normal bendy yoga class when your body hurts! 

So let's bring the chair back into the conversation; it's sturdy, available, will help with balance, and sometimes it just simply helps on 'those' days. You know the days that I'm talking about.


I love standing classes, the stretch you can receive is incredible. Every day our body feels different, some days it requires seated classes, and other days you look at the floor and think 'ummm nope I'm not getting down there today!' so you choose something that feels good for you. 

There are so many benefits - you feel more grounded, centered, and aligned. It's a core-based class, so good reminders throughout to use the right muscles. Even though it's a complete standing class, I will stretch you and your body will talk to you! 

Standing classes focus a lot on stretching and lengthening some of the largest and most important muscle groups, all the gluteal muscles AND the hamstrings (I can hear your muscles groaning right now). 

These classes will help you improve your balance, (the poses are not hard), breathing helps to train your brain, and sometimes we wobble a bit in poses, and that ok, with regular practice you do get better. 

Standing tall has more than just the notion of good posture, it can mean that you have confidence, courage and not allow to be walked over.