Back Yoga APP


It's almost ready for Google and Apple!  Very soon you will find me in the APP stores.

For now, it's available as a WebApp which is exactly the same thing, you just get there a different way. 

Yoga APP - has been made for you, who lives with daily aches and pains, perhaps you have tried yoga before and it seemed intimidating and unrealistic, or you sit for too long at your desk, there are many reasons for back-aches and pains, sometimes we need to look at our daily movement and self-care, to help ourselves.

Please note that I am not a medical professional, I am a level 2 yoga teacher who understands back-aches and pains from a personal level.  So with this in mind please consult your doctor before participating in physical activity. 

I have had two spine operations so I understand restrictive movement, my way of teaching is different from most, and there are no other classes like mine, that are dedicated to helping with such movements.

Who is this APP for?

Anyone who has aches and pains, or needs a darn good stretch on a daily basis, please know that regular yoga is where you will find the most benefit, rather than a class here and there.  

Classes are practiced in these different ways;

- Laying on the floor.

- Sitting on the floor.

- Sitting on a chair.

- Standing.

- Standing and using a chair for support.

Whatever way suits your body to practice, is what you will receive.  I do try to stay with the one way of practicing for each class as there is only so much movement in 10 minutes, the aim is to get better and better with practice.  Not everyone can lay on the floor or sit on a chair, this is why i have created so many ways of teaching.

* Unlimited access to classes, meditations, mantras, affirmations, inspirational talks, and the likes.  I literally live in your pocket, whenever you have an ache or pain all you need to do is open the APP.

* Unlimited resources.

* Re-set classes.

What you will NOT find in my APP - unrealistic poses, headstands, shoulder stands, ridiculous twists, foot behind the head, etc.  If you are seeking these poses please keep searching for another teacher, or perhaps give me a call as i might know of a teacher who can help you.

Please book a chat with me, i would love to get to know you and help you on your yoga journey.  Or give me a call on 0448104642 or email trudy[at]

Have a great day!