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Burpengary Yoga Studio

Please note that due to COVID-19 all of our classes are online via Zoom access at this time.

General Yoga

General Yoga

Our range of Yoga classes are tailored to you. Our General Yoga classes are for everybody ranging from beginner to advanced.  Please note that our class sizes are  regulated so call or text 0448104642 to make sure we have enough room in class.

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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga classes are relaxing, they focus on more basic moves encouraging calm as well as aiding in physical side of pregnancy and connecting with other expectant Mums.

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Back Pain Yoga

Back Pain Yoga

Back Pain Yoga is an online series of 3 classes.  They are very sought after and enjoyable. The classes are available by direct download, DVD or USB and available at

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Trudy is a Birth Doula, here to support you (in a non medical role) and your birth partner. This union begins prenatally, continues through labour, birth and post natal.

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Child Birth Education

Child Birth Education

We offer education courses - Hypnobirthing Australia Course, based on the North side of Brisbane, servicing parents from Brisbane to Sunshine Coast and everywhere in between.  Other class are held on a regular basis as well for Spinning Babies Parent Class along with much more information provided.

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The practice of Yoga can benefit everybody.

Please note that our class sizes are  regulated so please call or text 0448104642 to make sure we have enough room in class for you. 

Physically, Yoga helps increase stability and balance, core strength and flexibility. Emotionally and spiritually, Yoga encourages calm, focus and reduces stress. Our Yoga classes are fun, relaxing and perfect for your level and experience. Tone, Breathe, Stretch, Wind Down, Enjoy! Every week, Our invigorating Yoga classes focus on a theme of health and well being.

Sessions begin with breath awareness and a light warm up; followed by a variety of positions and practices designed to alleviate tension, improve flexibility, stimulate your mind body and spirit, strengthen and tone on every level; Ending with a deep relaxation or meditation.

Suitable for all levels including beginners.

Love notes

I started yoga because for many years i had a sore back and even though you manage pain everyday i really wanted to learn something to help myself. To be honest i didnt think yoga would help but i have been going to Trudy's classes for 3 years now.

I cant say that yoga has fixed my back (only surgery can do that) but i am aware of core stomach muscles, how to use them effectively, bend at the knees, back straight, i could go on forever :) im so happy that i have something in my life that lifts me up.


I started Yoga With Trudy when I was about 15/16 weeks pregnant & can highly recommend Trudy’s classes! Whether you’re pregnant or not, she offers classes for all conditions & fitness levels.

Trudy brings a beautiful sense of relaxation to the classes, you wouldn’t even know you’re exercising half the time because it’s so enjoyable!

There’s no time to be bored in Trudy’s classes; she keeps you focused, moving, stretching & breathing. Every element of yoga is covered & Trudy’s beautiful deep spiritual connection with all her clients is so special; you feel like part of the family.

At the time of this review, I’m now 25 weeks & have upped my classes to twice/week because I’m finding them so beneficial for my physical & emotional health. I plan to continue my yoga classes with Trudy up until the birth of my baby & beyond! I’m looking forward to the Mums ‘N’ Bubs class!!!

I’ve found an amazing yoga instructor in Trudy & hope you do too!Elissa

HypnoBirthing Testimonial

Trudy was recommended for hypnobirthing so I got in touch when I was 20 weeks.

I explained that whilst I wanted all the support I could get to improve my chances of a natural birth, it might be difficult to engage my husband as he isn’t as open as me!

Trudy was very understanding and was very willing and able to work with us in a way that was helpful and meaningful to both of us.

Trudy is such a lovely person and we found her to be calm, gentle, incredibly accommodating and experienced. She is very passionate about supporting couples to enjoy the birthing experience with the hypnobirthing method and is a very dedicated teacher.

I found working with Trudy leading up to birth very powerful. It helped me to recognise and let go of a lot of fears and to accept the unknown whilst also maintaining a sense of control. We learnt a lot in the sessions and it helped us to feel excited about the birth as well as address our concerns.

Hypnobirthing offers a whole host of tools for birthing and I found doing the relaxation CDs daily a tremendous help for my mind-set and for my energy. The birth itself went as well as I could have hoped and the preparation I had done and the tools and techniques I had learned with Trudy allowed me to birth naturally, feeling calm and in control throughout.

My husband was and still is taken aback with everything that we learnt and when you put it all together it really is a relaxing and joyful time.Beth

Doula Testimonial

I cannot recommend Trudy's as a doula highly enough. As a first time mum she helped me before I even went to the hospital by checking in with me, explaining different birthing options, answering any questions and even giving a relaxing foot massage.

Trudy was reassuring, calming and very encouraging during my labour to both myself and my partner. She was always there working with my partner to grab water and supporting me with different ways to breathe and positions to get comfortable.

After the baby was born and we were home Trudy has continued to check that we are doing well. Trudy helped to make my labour the best it could be.Debbie