Online Yoga

Join me on Zoom for some online Yoga, our timetable has classes Monday - Friday and i'm sure there is a class that would suit you.  For a FREE small class to try - click here

Please fill out health questionnaire and Class Selection with Payment details.  I do request that you send a payment screenshot to 0448104642. (I am still trying to load Paypal on there as a payment option but have not managed to do so as yet).

I really look forward to seeing you online and sharing yoga with you.

Some notes to make are -

Down load the Zoom onto your device, once i receive notification on which class you would like to attend, i will send you a link with an invitation with registration and password.  Its as easy as that :)

Class goes for one hour, i have the option to log into the meeting earlier so that you may become comfortable and we can have a chat.  If you have a specific playlist that you like to listen to, please have that handy as i am unable to play music at my end (i don't have licensing rites to any music).  

 Yoga equipment needed -

- Mat or towel

- Cushion to sit on 

- Yoga strap or even a towel

- Yoga Blocks