Doula Birth Support

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I am a Birth Doula and Post Natal Doula, here to support you (in a non medical role) and your birth partner. This union begins prenatally, continues through labour, birth and post natal.

I am the only Doula in Australia to teach Spinning Babies ® Parent Class.  To achieve this ultimate and exciting goal i travelled to Minneapolis in April 2018 and trained with Gail from Spinning Babies.  This class is also part of my Child Birth Education and Doula Package.

More info on Spinning Babies and website  - Spinning Babies Website and Directory 

I will support you - the birthing mother, i will not leave your side throughout labour, i will be there for you every step of the way through labour and birth.

Your birth companion/partner will be supported by me as well in every way possible - toilet breaks, short walks, naps, food, chatting, whatever is needed i will assist.

My role is emotional and physical support (non medical), show moves, positions and breathing techniques to make your labour and birth easier.

This is your body, your birth and birth wishes, i will respect your wishes and uphold them to the best of my ability with respect to all in the room.  A Doula enhances your experience, working alongside your Midwife we work together to help you, in life's most beautiful experience.

As i Doula i will not -

  • Perform clinical tasks such as vaginal exams or foetal heart monitoring.
  • Give medical advice or diagnose conditions.
  • Attend home birth
  • Judge you for decisions that you make.
  • Let my personal values or biases get in the way of caring for you (for example, i will not pressure you into making any decisions just because that’s what they prefer).
  • Take over the role of your husband or partner.
  • Deliver the baby.
  • Change shifts.

I travel to wherever i am needed, hospital or birth centre.


I cannot recommend Trudy high enough, she was with us right from when my contractions were starting to get a bit much for me.  We were already at the hospital but i had lost all focus and i needed direction.  As soon as Trudy walked in my whole perception changed, i had this!  I could do this!  Trudy helped me, my husband, chatted with our midwife and any hospital staff who came into our room.

What i loved the most about having Trudy there was she was constantly telling me how great i was doing, how amazing my movement and breathe worked together, i never ever thought that hearing those words while in labour could be so powerful.  (If you have Trudy in the room ask her to 'double hip squeeze' you will love it).

Trudy was there from the beginning of my labour until my baby was at my breast, i honestly adored and appreciated everything she did for us.  I felt supported in every way with her words, physically supported with her help to move positions, hip squeezes, passing my water bottle to me and just the little things that we think we can do in labour but actually need that third person to do it. 

Hire her!  You won't regret it. 

Shane and Julia


My promise to you is that i will support you in every way, you will not get lost in the system, i won't leave your side, you will have everything you need and i will continually tell you 'You've Got This!'

    There will be massage, breathe, movement, comfort measures, a whole lot of nurturing, love and expertise.

I promise to respond to your deepest emotional needs, stay with you throughout labour and birth and to create an atmosphere in which the birth can be as positive as possible.

A doula is also there as a support for the father/birth support/friend and will help the couple work together according to their wishes.


Would you like more information? Please leave your name and email address and I'll get back to you.

Love notes

If you ask anyone who knows me and they will confirm how me and pain do not go together. So the thought of giving birth without pain relief I thought would be impossible and filled me with dread. This was until I was pointed in the direction of Trudy at Burpengary HypnoBirthing Centre.

After a 5 week course I felt confident and ready to give birth and was determined to follow all the breathing and relaxation techniques Trudy had taught me. The Rainbow Relaxation was so good for me, it made me relax and let go but also bought about a new found confidence to know i could do this.

On my birthing day I didn’t need anything apart from what I had learnt, I was offered all and sundry from nursing staff but I was ok.

My husband and I were more than happy, in awe actually at how the breathing techniques truly did work and each surge was met with confidence, relaxing and breathing. I loved everything about my birth and when I have my second child I will be HypnoBirthing again, I will call upon Trudy.

My labour was 5 hours, intervention free, drug free, full of love, hugs and laughter. Noone believed me when I said that my babies head was crowning. I was so relaxed and content (who knew I could be like that!)

If anyone has any fears, tension, anxiety about pregnancy or birth, I highly recommend this course. Trudy is lovely and will go over things as many times as you need, answers questions, stays behind if needed and the results that I received were great.

FYI hubby is telling everyone!

Janine, Phil and baby Ivy

Trudy is an angel sent from above. From the moment I met with her to discuss Hypnobirthing I knew I would have a safe, calm and natural birth.

I have never felt more nurtured in my life and I was completely at peace because Trudy had everything I needed with this course, I was prepared physically, mentally and spiritually. I had all the tools in my birthing toolbox.

Thanks to Trudy and Hypnobirthing, I was fully prepared and I knew what to expect. Labour started at 2am, just niggly nothing really so I went back to bed, we cuddled, talked, slept. My body told me when it was time to hop in the bath, (still at this stage I didn’t feel any pain it was more like a slight pressure) listened to Relaxation, had candles going, sweet smells, everything I wanted it was there.

We stayed home as long as possible (which is what I wanted) when we arrived at hospital we didn’t have to wait long for little Jack to arrive, I was already breathing him down. It was one of the most mystical and beautiful moments of my life, to feel my baby come into the world, then placed on my chest, its something that really can’t be explained.

Thank you Trudy your course and encouragement made our day a very special one.
Elly, Peter and baby Jack

Trudy was recommended for hypnobirthing so I got in touch when I was 20 weeks.

I explained that whilst I wanted all the support I could get to improve my chances of a natural birth, it might be difficult to engage my husband as he isn’t as open as me!

Trudy was very understanding and was very willing and able to work with us in a way that was helpful and meaningful to both of us.

Trudy is such a lovely person and we found her to be calm, gentle, incredibly accommodating and experienced. She is very passionate about supporting couples to enjoy the birthing experience with the hypnobirthing method and is a very dedicated teacher.

I found working with Trudy leading up to birth very powerful. It helped me to recognise and let go of a lot of fears and to accept the unknown whilst also maintaining a sense of control. We learnt a lot in the sessions and it helped us to feel excited about the birth as well as address our concerns.

Hypnobirthing offers a whole host of tools for birthing and I found doing the relaxation CDs daily a tremendous help for my mind-set and for my energy. The birth itself went as well as I could have hoped and the preparation I had done and the tools and techniques I had learned with Trudy allowed me to birth naturally, feeling calm and in control throughout.

My husband was and still is taken aback with everything that we learnt and when you put it all together it really is a relaxing and joyful time.

One for the Men!

Ok, so my wife asked me to join hypnobirthing classes with her......i wasn't at all convinced that this stuff could work. Pregnant with our first child i was happy to just go to anti natal classes at the hospital and didnt think hypnobirthing was necessary.

I didn't believe at all that you could relax, imagine and breathe your way through birth, not with all the stories i had heard about giving birth and things you see on t.v., i was just hoping my wife would have an epidural and fall asleep (she doesnt cope with pain well).

I retreated and agreed, my first visit with Trudy i expected it to be daunting and a bit hippy. Nothing like that at all i have to say. Trudy explains things in a way where everyone understands the process, there were a couple of times during our first visit that i had questions to ask and that was no a problem at all with her, she just explained it again or in a different way so i could understand it. (She didn't hypnotise me to cluck like a chicken!)

The most powerful and important message that i took from these classes with Trudy is, this pregnancy and birth is not just about mum and baby its about Dad, Mum and Baby. A journey for all three. I am playing a very big part in our childs birth.

I had never been included like this before.

My wife had the birth she wanted, she was relaxed, she was peaceful, i was totally blown away watching my wife birth our child. She had a smile on her face the whole time, there was nothing but peace.

Thank you Trudy we will be in touch for baby number 2.
David, Beth and baby Sebastian

I really have no idea how to tell you how much i love this programme and having Trudy as my teacher. Isla is our first child, first birth and it was the most amazing experience that Paul and i have ever been through.

Being pregnant for the first time, you just kind of expect things to come to pass as they do on T.V. screaming, yelling for drugs and it looks so awful (kind of puts you off wanting to be pregnant at all).

We didnt have any of that, in my mind i was waiting for the big explosion of pain that never came.

My birthpan didnt go to plan, my membranes ruptured and nothing really happened within 24 hours so we followed hospital procedure and went to hospital, told we had to be induced (this threw me, i didnt want to be induced and it wasnt in my birthplan!) the doctor who was there reminded me that i could still use HypnoBirthing techniques even if induced, this brought me back to my breathing and visualisation.

Around 6pm established labour started, the midwife and staff were looking concerned and confused that i was so relaxed, they thought i wasn't progressing and i had to tell them that everything was just fine, that i could feel 'pressure' (that really is all i felt, just pressure, not an ounce of pain) the explosion of pain that i was waiting for...never came.

At 1am our beautiful baby girl Isla was brought into the world with my breathing and calmness, i didnt have to push her out, i breathed her down and out. Paul was amazed at how calm we both were, we didn't and still don't know any other way to birth! We don't want to know either, this was perfect.

We were able to have our skin to skin time and Paul cut the cord after it stopped pulsing.

Thanks Trudy for everything, this was a time in our lives we will never forget.Christy, Paul & Baby Isla

Doula Birth Support for Debbie, Brent and Baby Colby

I cannot recommend Trudy's as a doula highly enough. As a first time mum she helped me before I even went to the hospital by checking in with me, explaining different birthing options, answering any questions and even giving a relaxing foot massage.

Trudy was reassuring, calming and very encouraging during my labour to both myself and my partner. She was always there working with my partner to grab water and supporting me with different ways to breathe and positions to get comfortable.

After the baby was born and we were home Trudy has continued to check that we are doing well. Trudy helped to make my labour the best it could be.Debbie, Brent and Baby Colby