APP Yoga For Backs

Hello and thank you for stopping by to read about my APP.

Firstly i would like to ask you if your issue is part of these -

Sitting too long at your desk?.

Hunched shoulders.

Lack of core awareness.

No self care.

Lifting things that are too heavy.

Pre existing spine injury or had operation.

If you answered yes to any of the above, yoga can help, i would love to be your teacher.  I have lived this journey, felt every ounce of pain, been through the operations and come out the other side.  Believe me, you need someone who has experienced this, not just someone with a fad who says they can give you stretches for back aches.

Currently Yoga For Backs,  is a WEBAPP until it goes through the stages of approval with Google and Apple, you can still access it from your phone, but only after I give you access from the platform website itself.  Its actually really easy.

Im a very experienced and dedicated yoga teacher, with my own history of back pain and needing two spine operations.  I looked everywhere for help with movement, breathe and meditation, I found nothing of benefit, i was so upset that there was no one to help.

So I have become the teacher with the knowledge that I needed and I'm passing that onto you, and I know that you will listen to your body, because your spine is important.  I have used my yoga knowledge and coupled that with spine fusion experience, and created the only way i know how to teach - with wisdom, respect and props.

If you would like to join my next 6 week guide that starts on 8th July 2021, all info is right here -

You will have your own section to log into, where you will find your own personalised classes, it's all about you, your back (or whatever the issue is), and how to take care of it with daily stretches.  It's all about helping you to live a life of ease.

This includes the following (and more)

✅My six week guide of practical daily movement - your classes.

Unlimited access to my APP ‘Yoga For Backs’ whenever you like.   

Mantras - optional

Affirmations - optional

Inspirational Quotes From Me - optional

Breathe Work - optional

Meditations - optional

Specific Movement Cues


Gifts from me, so you can practice these classes with more ease-

 2 Yoga Blocks and 1 Yoga Strap.

(you will need your own mat though).

A private community on facebook to connect with others in the 6 week guide.

A copy of my book FUSED

I am literally there 24/7

You can use it all, or make your own guide.  I can tell you that this works, if you put the time and effort in, you can only lead a better life.

I’m looking for future testimonials of ‘Trudy’s Back Method’ a 6 Week Yoga Guide to help alleviate back aches and pains (which is part of ‘Yoga For Backs’) and a small investment for my time.  The best part is, you get it for such a great price!  

If you would like to be a part of this 6 week guide, learn to live a life of ease, the next step is to book in a chat, to make sure that I am the right teacher for you.

There are so many bonuses, and too many to list, one of them is priceless and I will reveal on the call.

I can’t fix you, but I can help you.

It’s that simple.

I’m really excited!

Click here to book a chat with me.