Back Pain Yoga

Do you live with daily back pain? I hear you, as I have lived with it for my entire life. After 6 car accidents (none were my fault) I thought that living with pain was normal. This is not true. If your body hurts, there is something wrong and needs to be addressed.

During my recovery of 2 level spine fusion 2019/2020 I created three specific classes, for those that live with back pain.

Back Pain Yoga are classes are very sought after and enjoyable. The classes are available by direct download, DVD or USB and available at

  • Floor Yoga - 30 minutes
  • Seated Yoga (on a chair) - 20 minutes
  • Standing Yoga - 20 minutes

The downloads are available as singular classes or all three can be purchased, it's all about listening to your body and doing what feels ok on any given day.

I have written a book on my journey to spine fusion which is available now, either in the studio or via the FUSED website.

Watch Trudy on Channel 9's Today Show:

Trudy on Channel 9's Today Show