Doula love notes

Love note from David, Beth and baby Sebastian

One for the Men!

Ok, so my wife asked me to join hypnobirthing classes with her......i wasn't at all convinced that this stuff could work. Pregnant with our first child i was happy to just go to anti natal classes at the hospital and didnt think hypnobirthing was necessary.

I didn't believe at all that you could relax, imagine and breathe your way through birth, not with all the stories i had heard about giving birth and things you see on t.v., i was just hoping my wife would have an epidural and fall asleep (she doesnt cope with pain well).

I retreated and agreed, my first visit with Trudy i expected it to be daunting and a bit hippy. Nothing like that at all i have to say. Trudy explains things in a way where everyone understands the process, there were a couple of times during our first visit that i had questions to ask and that was no a problem at all with her, she just explained it again or in a different way so i could understand it. (She didn't hypnotise me to cluck like a chicken!)

The most powerful and important message that i took from these classes with Trudy is, this pregnancy and birth is not just about mum and baby its about Dad, Mum and Baby. A journey for all three. I am playing a very big part in our childs birth.

I had never been included like this before.

My wife had the birth she wanted, she was relaxed, she was peaceful, i was totally blown away watching my wife birth our child. She had a smile on her face the whole time, there was nothing but peace.

Thank you Trudy we will be in touch for baby number 2.
David, Beth and baby Sebastian


Love notes

Doula Birth Support for Debbie, Brent and baby Colby

I cannot recommend Trudy's as a doula highly enough. As a first time mum she helped me before I even went to the hospital by checking in with me, explaining different birthing options, answering any questions and even giving a relaxing foot massage.

Trudy was reassuring, calming and very encouraging during my labour to both myself and my partner. She was always there working with my partner to grab water and supporting me with different ways to breathe and positions to get comfortable.

After the baby was born and we were home Trudy has continued to check that we are doing well. Trudy helped to make my labour the best it could be.Debbie, Brent and baby Colby

I cannot express my appreciation and gratitude enough! I started pregnancy yoga with Trudy very early in my pregnancy journey and through her, learned of Hypnobirthing. I completed the course with Trudy and felt empowered and excited for my baby's birth from the first session. Trudy was very encouraging throughout and made the sessions very easy to follow and understand. If you're seeking a calm, beautiful birth for your baby, i cannot recommend Hypnobirthing with Trudy enough.Hannah, Todd and Baby Ari