Doula love notes

Love note from Christy, Paul & Baby Isla

I really have no idea how to tell you how much i love this programme and having Trudy as my teacher. Isla is our first child, first birth and it was the most amazing experience that Paul and i have ever been through.

Being pregnant for the first time, you just kind of expect things to come to pass as they do on T.V. screaming, yelling for drugs and it looks so awful (kind of puts you off wanting to be pregnant at all).

We didnt have any of that, in my mind i was waiting for the big explosion of pain that never came.

My birthpan didnt go to plan, my membranes ruptured and nothing really happened within 24 hours so we followed hospital procedure and went to hospital, told we had to be induced (this threw me, i didnt want to be induced and it wasnt in my birthplan!) the doctor who was there reminded me that i could still use HypnoBirthing techniques even if induced, this brought me back to my breathing and visualisation.

Around 6pm established labour started, the midwife and staff were looking concerned and confused that i was so relaxed, they thought i wasn't progressing and i had to tell them that everything was just fine, that i could feel 'pressure' (that really is all i felt, just pressure, not an ounce of pain) the explosion of pain that i was waiting for...never came.

At 1am our beautiful baby girl Isla was brought into the world with my breathing and calmness, i didnt have to push her out, i breathed her down and out. Paul was amazed at how calm we both were, we didn't and still don't know any other way to birth! We don't want to know either, this was perfect.

We were able to have our skin to skin time and Paul cut the cord after it stopped pulsing.

Thanks Trudy for everything, this was a time in our lives we will never forget.Christy, Paul & Baby Isla


Love notes

Doula Birth Support for Debbie, Brent and baby Colby

I cannot recommend Trudy's as a doula highly enough. As a first time mum she helped me before I even went to the hospital by checking in with me, explaining different birthing options, answering any questions and even giving a relaxing foot massage.

Trudy was reassuring, calming and very encouraging during my labour to both myself and my partner. She was always there working with my partner to grab water and supporting me with different ways to breathe and positions to get comfortable.

After the baby was born and we were home Trudy has continued to check that we are doing well. Trudy helped to make my labour the best it could be.Debbie, Brent and baby Colby

I cannot express my appreciation and gratitude enough! I started pregnancy yoga with Trudy very early in my pregnancy journey and through her, learned of Hypnobirthing. I completed the course with Trudy and felt empowered and excited for my baby's birth from the first session. Trudy was very encouraging throughout and made the sessions very easy to follow and understand. If you're seeking a calm, beautiful birth for your baby, i cannot recommend Hypnobirthing with Trudy enough.Hannah, Todd and Baby Ari