Psychic Development Course - starting 14th November.

Trudy is a proud member and Master/Teacher of Reiki Australia

Trudy Vains is a Healing and Spiritual Development Teacher first and foremost.  Trudy uses her abilities every day as a Medium and Psychic Reader. 

Readings and Spiritual Development - please click here for bookings.  I try to accommodate as much as I can with times.

Readings are $120 per hour.

Healings are $100 per hour.


I truly believe to my very core that Reiki is a spiritual practice and healing art, one that I personally respect and embrace.  Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing.

Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm energy healing or hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be sent through the palms of the practitioner to the client in order to aide in emotional, energetic or physical healing.

I started my journey of Reiki in 2009, as part of my spiritual path, everything just flowed
together, I completed my certification in 2011. 

Reiki for me is way of life, it's not just about teaching someone how to heal themselves, there is so much more to it.

Over the years i have changed so much within myself internally and externally, there have been other studies or self awareness as well, my love of yoga is strong. It is a true privilege to teach others who are on the same path as they embrace the practices and move forward into their true potential.

I live by the 5 precepts - Today, throughout the entire day:

Do not become angry
Worry about nothing
Express one’s gratitude
Be diligent in work
Be kind to others

For workshops for Reiki Levels please send me a message and we can connect!



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